Vinci Park Services – Appeal Guide

Vinci Park Services variously refer to their Parking Charge Notices at “civil Parking notice”, “contravention” or a “CPN”.

Vinci CPN examples:


Vinci Parking Services – My Story


Lindsey Durbessich-Reed works at the  University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff whose car park is managed by Vinci Park Services. In March 2009, she bought a ticket and left it on the car’s dashboard but it slipped out of view. When she returned she found a parking ticket attached to her windscreen and a £25 fine.  Rachel said at the time she felt she could easily explain to Vinci Park what had happened.  “I wrote a letter to Vinci Park Services that evening explaining I had purchased a ticket and sent a copy of the ticket that I had purchased.  I didn’t hear anything from them at all so I assumed appeal had been successfully”.  But four months later, Lindsey began receiving letters from debt collectors and solicitors. By now the fine had increased to £80 and she was threatened with court proceedings and bailiffs if she didn’t pay the PCN.  Lindsey said that six months  of letter writing and phone calls to Vinci Park management failed to resovled the issue.   I have actually paid the £80 so I hope it’s all finished now, but for a £2 ticket it just isn’t fair.”


Anton Stanbrook left his Mercedes in a private road near Canary Wharf, East London.  The car park is managed by Vinci Park Services.  He received a £100 fine.  He refused to pay it and Vinci Park Services eventually issued court proceedings againt  him. Mr Stanbrook defended the court in court, aruging that Vinci Parking Services failed to explain mention the appeals procedure on the parking charge notice. The case occured shortly after new rules regarding private parking fines were introduced.  Parking enforcement firms have to give drivers the choice of appealing to an independent appeals board.  Mr Stanbrook was given no such option. He was eventually awarded almost £800 in damages.  After Vinci Park Services UK Ltd failed to turn up to court to defend itself, it was ordered to pay Anton £770.96 including interest plus £60 court costs.

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