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BBC 1st June 2012 – Toys R Us parking charge for heart patient with chest pains.

TheSun 16th September 2008 G24 Ltd manger breaks parking lawys when he parks his Limo.

BBC 8th June 2010 Parking fine issued by G24 Ltd for coastguard on 999 emergency in Kent.

The Telegraph 8th May 2007   National Car Parks (NCP) attendants told to ticket one car per minute.

The Courier 9th July 2013  Woman received £90 pcn issued by Athena ANPR at Lidl for 10 minutes of parking.  She was not asked at the checkout register for her registration number.

2011-09-16 Manchester Evening News.   Excel Parking Services loses in court because the writing on parking signs was too small.

2010-12-02 Mail Online.   Excel Parking Services fines woman who parked in an emergency to save another woman’s life.

2008-03-24 Mail Online.   Excel Parking Services loses in court because its charged were unreasonably high.

2012-03-26 Liverpool News.  UKCPS fails to pay a promised £1,000 to a charity.

2013-08-06 BBC News.    Euro Parking Collection.

2013-04-18 BBC News.  Euro Parking Collection.

2002-12-07 The Telegraph.   Euro Parking Collection.

2012-06-18  The Telegraph.  How the DVLA lets your private details out of the country via the Euro Parking Collection.

2012-02-22 Macclesfield Express.  Man with child receives PCN for parking in parent and child space at Smart Parking.

2012-10-16 Chad.  Motorist receives fine at Smart Parking even though they were somewhere else.

2009-05-29  Bury Times.  Smart Parking customers fines for taking ticket from wrong machine




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