PCN Parking Services – Appeal Guide

PCN Parking Services send out Parking Charge Notices on behalf of various other companies or retailers or other land owners such as hospitals.  It appears that PCN Parking Services do not issue the original windscreen ticket.  The windscreen ticket is issued by the retailer or landowner (such as a hospital) themselves.  If the Parking Charge Notice (PCN) remains unpaid, then the retailer or landowner then contracts with PCN Parking Services who chase the registered keeper for payment.

PCN Parking Services themselves are not members of an Approved Operator Scheme (AOS) and therefore aren’t members of the Brittsh Parking Assocation (BPA) nor are they members of the Independent Parking Committee (IPC).  However, they are part of Roxburghe (UK) Ltd who are a debt collection company, are a member of the BPA. Roxburghe (UK) Ltd  are the ones that obtain the registered keeper details from the DVLA.

PCN Parking Services are one of a number of companies, along with PaymyPCN.net, and Topher Ltd that are assoociated with Roxburghe (UK) Ltd and use Roxburghe to access registered keeper details from the DVLA.

Example PCN’s
- Example 1

- Example 2 (front)
- Example 2 (back)

PCN Parking Services – my story

Mary, a doctor, received a windscreen ticket at the York Teaching Hospital car park.  The ticket had “PCN Parking Services” on it.  During the period her permit was valid for, she received a total of three Parking Charge Notices. She followed the instructions o the ticket and appealed to PCN Parking Service explaining she had a permit to park there.  Her appeal was rejected.  She then received demands from debt collection company Roxburghe (UK) Ltd.   She contacted  Roxburghe and they said she could appeal to POPLA which she then proceeded to do.  However, POPLA wrote back to her explaining neither York Hospital nor PCN Parking Services were members of the BPA, so she couldn’t appeal to POPLA.  Mary then appealed directly to the York Hospital Trust.  The Trust replied and said that they would reduced her combined parking fines from £150 to £90.  Mary then wrote back to the Trust and complained that the hospital was not keeping to it charter for Healthcare Parking.  The Trust wrote back and said they would not negotiate any more.

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