Met Parking Services – appeal guide

The Oxform Mail included a letter on Friday 9th August.  The writer said he received a letter through the post from MET Parking Services Ltd, with a bill for £100.  He realised this was for when he parked at McDonald’s, Abingdon. He had exceeded the 90min limit by half an hour.  He wrote to the owner of this particular McDonald’s but received an unsympathetic reply.

The Bourne Local reported on 9th February 2014 that a McDonald’s at Spalding had dropped a fine given by Met Parking Serfvices to Mr Booker.

Thankfully McDonald’s was sympathetic to Mr Booker’s pleas. After Mr Booker appealed the fine, a letter was sent from Met Parking Services to say the charge had been cancelled at the request of both McDonald’s head office and the Spalding restaurant.

Finally, in the Luton Todday on 18th January 2014 tells of Duncan Baxter who was fined  £100 after two separate trips to McDonald’s on December 2.  MET Parking Services run the car park and in typically style, did not repsond to requests from the reporter.

Mr Baxter was sent a photo by Met Parking Services of his car entering the car park at 1.30pm and another of it leaving at 3.30pm.

He said: “What they have left out is me leaving and returning between these times. I am still to receive a response to my complaint to MET Parking Services and McDonald’s.

The manager of McDonalds told Mr Baxter his complaint would have to be taken up with MET Parking.

Mr Baxter said he had dropped his wife and daughter a the hairdressers in Sundon Park and on the way back I stopped at McDonald’s and bought a burger which he took home to eat.  Then when his sone came home from work, his son saw the burger wrapper and wanted one too so “I said I’d buy him one when I went back to collect my wife and daughter, and that is what I did. I have basically been charged £100 by Met Parking Services Ltd for being a regular customer.”

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