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G24 Contractual Parking Charge Notice

So you have have received a contractual parking charge notice from G24?

G24 Ltd in the media

Barrie James, a 75 year old man has been charged £75 for overstaying a G24 Ltd two-hour parking limit after suffering severe chest pains.  Mr James had driven Toys R Us in Plymouth to pruchase a present for his grandchildren when he suddenly felt unwell.  He received the £75 parking charge notice from G24 Ltd, the parking company that runs the Toys R Us car park.  Despite repeated requests, neither Toys R Us nor G24 Limited would comment.   Mr James, said he had assumed the Toys R Us or G24 Ltd would drop the charge in the circumstances, but it told him it would not help.  Mr James has had two heart attackes in the past.  When his chest pains started, Mr James asked Toys R Us if he could use their rest room to administer his prescribed medication that contains (GTN).   GTN works by relaxing the blood vessels, which reduces the workload on the heart and widens the coronary arteries to increase the flow of blood to the heart muscle.   “Almost immediately I started feeling awful and was violently sick and dizzy” he said.  Evenutally he went back to his car, but feeling “weak and washed out” he fell asleep in his car.  “When I woke up I felt much better, so I had some coffee from my flask then drove home” he said.  June Davison, from the British Heart Foundation, said the symptoms experienced by Mr James were common side effects of GTN and that “he was very sensible not to drive”.  Despite writing to G24 Ltd and explaining the full circumstances, the firm has refused to waive the fine.  In a letter, G24 Ltd said: “After consideration of the information provided by you, your dispute has been unsuccessful and the Contractual Parking Charge notice still applies.”

In 2010, G24 Limited famously issued a pcn to a coast guard vehicle that was on a 999 emergency.  A spokesman for G24 Parking Solutions, which issued the ticket, said there was no one available to comment when approached by the BBC on Tuesday.  Colin Ingram said he had parked in the car park because it was the nearest one to the river front at Sun Pier, where a suspected suicide had been reported.  Mr Ingram said the reason given for the £95 fine was that he had spent 115 minutes in the car park.

Dionne Russell parked for 40 minutes in a G24 Ltd car park, but then spent 3 hours stuck in traffic trying to leave, has received a £70 parking ticket through the post.  Police finally managed to ease the traffic jam, but Mr Dionne’s total time int he G24 Limited car park totalled 3 hours and 15 minutes, some 15 minutes more than the maximum allowed. Ms Russell, says she was trapped in Coventryís Central Six retail park because the traffic was gridlocked.  “I have had no apology from G24 Ltd. When I opened the letter I was horrified and rang them right away”.  A G24 spokesperson said: “We have no comment. We will  wait for the appeal to come through so I can’t comment yet”.

See this contractual parking charge notice from G24 Ltd.  It shows ANPR pictures of a vehicle arriving at and leaving the car park.  It is claiming a fee of $100 is payable, but if payed within 14 days, G24 Ltd will reduced  the  charge to $40.  It also mentions the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 and thus is claiming keeper liablity under the Act.
This is an example of a sign in a G24 Ltd car park.  The sign says it is for customers only, and that there is 2 hours of free parking.  It syas there is a $100 charge for exceeding the time limit.

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