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Sylvia Taylor, 67, lost one leg when she was 16.  On this particular day, she forgot her disabled permit when she parked in a Euro Car Parks car park at a shopping centre and returned to find a £70 ticket on her windscreen with the warden a few feet away. She said: “I explained but he didn’t seem to believe me”.  “So I rolled up my trouser leg to show him my prosthetic limb. The attendant nearly fained.  But he still refused to cancel her fine He wouldn’t cancel it but told us to write to head office to explain.”   Car park management later told her she must pay up.  Sylvia’s daughter Lynne, said “When my mum exposed her amputated leg, I thought he was going to throw up – he looked absolutely horrified”.   Lynne wrote to Euro Car Parks for her mum but was told the parking charge notice must still be paid.    A Euro Car Parks spokeswoman said the pcn had since been cancelled but warned: “If you forget the badge, alternative parking should be sought.”

Lynne Burkert, was shocked to receive a parking charge notice issued for exceeding the 90-minute stay at Lidl supermarket, Broadway Road, Evesham.  She entered the car park on two occasions.  She initially drove into the Lidl car park (which is managed by Euro Car Parks) at 10.57am.  She stopped very briefly in a parking bay before she found her £1 coin was not there.  She arrived back in the Lidl car park at about 12.30pm. She paid for her goods at 13.08pm, as shown by her register receipts.”  She says she had been in the car park for 40 minutes when the warden, working for Euro Car Parks – the company which manages the parking scheme on behalf of Lidl – issued the ticket.  Mrs Burkert said: “The attendant said he saw me pull in and leave and then saw me come back later. But he said the machine produces the ticket, although Ms Burkert said the pcn was handwritten.
Euro Car Parks take the cake for the most confusing signs. In this sign, you can see in large font that the car park provides 30 minutes free parking. But in the small print it says “If your vehicle reamins in the car park for more than 20 minutes, you agree to pay a £70 parking change. When challenged, Euro Car Parks claimed the sign was not autorised by them, but was in fact used by an old customer of theirs.

Stephen Tully, aged 19, visited a Euro Car Parks car park twice on the same day. Mr Tully used the car in the morning and parked in the Palace Grounds car park while he and a friend bought lunch from the the Subway takeaway. Later that same evening his sister used his car car to go to  the cinema.  A few weeks alter, Mr Tully received a £70 parking charge notice in the mail stating his car has been at the car park from 11.33am to 10.08pm and was 395 minutes over the four-hour limit.  Mr Tully admits that his vehicle was parked twice in in the car park twice on the same day but says there was a time gap in between visits, and so he didn’t exceed the 4 hour limit. He said: “I have not paid the fine because I think it is unfair and bordering on criminality. “I only parked at Euro Car Prks for around an hour, at about 11.30am, while me and a friend Robert Innes went for a bite to eat. “Later that evening, my sister Marie, parked in a different Euro Car Parks bay between 6.30pm and 10.08pm– also within the four-hour limit.”

Euro Car Parks in a fine mess in Scotland

Euro Car Parks Limited has been forced to refund to drivers and cancel hundreds of parking tickets issued at a supermarket in Aberdeen. following a trading standards investigation.

Euro Car Parks Limited issued 300 plus parking charge notices to drivers at the , Sainsburys Garthdee car park. But the local Council’s Trading Standards team found of the notices breached the terms and conditions at the site.

The tickets in question were issued on land which Sainburys did not own, which caused Euro Car Parks a fine mess. In the end Euro Car Parks Ltd agreed it had no legal right to issue the PCN’s and was forced to agree to the cancellation of 246 tickets and issue refunds for another 64, causing a total ‘loss’ to Euro Car Parks of £20,050

Euro Car Parks also admitted the notices made claims under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, even though that Act does not apply in Scotland. POFA 2012 allows Euro Car Parks and other parking companies to pursue the registered keeper of vehicles for unpaid parking fines. However, it only applies in England and Wales, not in Northen Ireland or Scotland. In Scotland, only the driver can be held liable for a parking charge notice.

Debt Collectors

Euro Car Parks use Debt Recovery Plus for debt collection.



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