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This page lists all the private parking companies that are members of either the BPA or the IPC. There are two filter fields that allow you to enter characters to search for a particular company. For example, entering “anpr” in the first field displays all companies that have “anpr” somewhere in their name. Entering “anpr” in the first search field and “parking” in the second search field displays all companies that have “anpr” and “parking” somewhere in their name.

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  1. Adaptis Solutions Limited,, BPA
  2. AEJ Management Ltd,, BPA
  3. Akinika Debt Recovery Limited,, BPA
  4. All Parking Services UK Limited,, BPA
  5. Anchor Security Services Ltd t/as Care Parking,, BPA
  6. ANPR Ltd,, BPA
  7. ANPR Parking Services Ltd,, BPA
  8. ANPR PC Limited,, BPA
  9. APCOA Parking (UK) Ltd,, BPA
  10. Approved Parking Solutions Limited,, BPA
  11. Athena ANPR Limited,, BPA
  12. Athens Security Services Ltd t/as A S Parking,, BPA
  13. Atlas Enforcement Limited,, BPA
  14. Aumberry Parking Management, , IPC
  15. Autosecurity Limited trading as Autosec,, BPA
  16. Baltimore Parking Solutions Ltd,, BPA
  17. Beacon Parking Services Limited,, BPA
  18. Bridge Security (CCTV) Ltd trading as Bridge Property Asset Management, No, BPA
  19. Britannia Parking Group Limited,, BPA
  20. Business Watch Guarding Limited,, BPA
  21. Canterbury Christ Church University,, BPA
  22. Capital Carpark Control,, BPA
  23. Car Park Management Services(CPMS) Ltd,, BPA
  24. Car Park Services Limited,, BPA
  25. Carflow Limited,, BPA
  26. Cascade Financial Ltd t/as National Parking Control,, BPA
  27. “CE Risk, Safety & Security Services Limited”,, BPA
  28. Civil Enforcement Limited also t/as Starpark & Creative Car Park & Parksolve & Versatile Parking,, BPA
  29. Close Unit Protection Services Ltd (CUP),, BPA
  30. Cobalt Telephone Technologies Ltd,, BPA
  31. Cofely,, BPA
  32. Combined Parking Solutions Ltd,, IPC
  33. Commercial Collection Services Ltd,, BPA
  34. Complete Parking Solutions Ltd,, IPC
  35. Comprehensive Management Services Ltd,, IPC
  36. Conkai Security Ltd,, IPC
  37. Corporate Services (Hereford) Limited t/as Corporate Services (Parking Management),, BPA
  38. County Parking Enforcement Agency Ltd,, BPA
  39. CP Plus Limited,, BPA
  40. CPS (Midlands) Limited,, BPA
  41. CPS Enforcement (Northern) Limited,, BPA
  42. Dean Clough Limited,, BPA
  43. Debt Recovery Plus Ltd also t/as Parking Collection Services,, BPA
  44. Defence Systems Limited t/a Park Watch,, BPA
  45. Devere Parking Services Ltd,, IPC
  46. Diamond Premises Control Limited,, BPA
  47. District Enforcement Ltd,, IPC
  48. East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust,, BPA
  49. East Midlands Trains Limited,, BPA
  50. Easy Parking Enforcement (UK) Ltd,, IPC
  51. Elite Management (Midlands) Limited,, BPA
  52. Empark (UK) Limited,, BPA
  53. ES Parking Enforcement Ltd,, IPC
  54. Ethical Group Limited t/as Ethical Parking Management Company,, BPA
  55. Euro Car Parks Limited,, BPA
  56. Euro Parking Collection Plc,, BPA
  57. Everything Parking Limited,, BPA
  58. Excel Parking Services Ltd,, IPC
  59. First Parking LLP,, BPA
  60. Four Seasons Security Ltd,, IPC
  61. G24 Ltd,, IPC
  62. Gallan Parking Limited,, BPA
  63. GBM Services (Scotland) Limited, No, BPA
  64. Gemini Parking Solutions London Ltd,, BPA
  65. Globe Protection Ltd (Trading as I G Security),, IPC
  66. Greater London Keyholding Limited,, BPA
  67. Green Parking Limited,, BPA
  68. Highview Parking Limited,, BPA
  69. HomeGuard Services Ltd (Trading as 14 Services),, IPC
  70. Horizon Parking Limited,, BPA
  71. Impact Services (Northern) Ltd t/as Impact Security Solutions,, BPA
  72. Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions also t/a Open Parking,, BPA
  73. Island Parking Solutions Ltd,, IPC
  74. J.A.S. Parking Solutions Ltd also t/as J.A.S. Parking Solutions,, BPA
  75. JD Parking Consultants Limited,, BPA
  76. KBT Cornwall (Trading as Armtrac Security Services),, IPC
  77. Kernow Parking Solutions (KPS), No, BPA
  78. Knightshield Security Ltd t/as National Parking Enforcement,, BPA
  79. LCP Parking Services Limited,, BPA
  80. LDK Security Group Ltd,, BPA
  81. Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust,, BPA
  82. Liberty Printers (AR &RF Reddin) Ltd T/A Liberty Services and The Car Parking Partnership,, BPA
  83. Link Parking Ltd,, IPC
  84. Llawnroc Parking Services Limited,, BPA
  85. Local Car Park Management,, BPA
  86. Local Parking Security Limited,, BPA
  87. London Parking Solutions Ltd,, IPC
  88. MET Parking Services Ltd,, BPA
  89. Meteor Parking Limited (c/o Vinci Park),, BPA
  90. MetroPark Ltd,, BPA
  91. Millennium Door & Event Security Ltd,, BPA
  92. Minerva Security Limited,, BPA
  93. Minster Baywatch Ltd,, BPA
  94. N Force Security Ltd, ., IPC
  95. Napier Parking Limited,, BPA
  96. NCP Limited,, BPA
  97. New Generation Parking Management Ltd,, BPA
  98. New World Facilities East Essex Limited,, BPA
  99. Newlyn Debt Collection Limited,, BPA
  100. Norfolk Parking Enforcement Ltd,, BPA
  101. Northamptonshire Parking Management Ltd,, BPA
  102. Northern Parking (North East) Limited,, IPC
  103. Northwest Parking Enforcement Ltd,, IPC
  104. Norwich Traffic Control Ltd,, IPC
  105. NSGL Ltd trading as NSGL Parking,, BPA
  106. NSL Limited,, BPA
  107. Observices Parking Consultancy Ltd,, BPA
  108. OCS Group (UK) Limited t/as Legion Group,, BPA
  109. Octavian Continental Ltd t/as Octavian Security Ltd,, BPA
  110. One Parking Ltd (Trading as Capital 2 Coast Parking Management),, IPC
  111. P4 Parking (UK) Ltd also t/as Nighthawk Parking,, BPA
  112. Park Direct UK Limited,, BPA
  113. Park With Ease Ltd,, IPC
  114. Parking & Enforcement Agency Limited,, BPA
  115. Parking and Property Management Ltd,, IPC
  116. Parking Awareness Services Ltd,, IPC
  117. Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd,, IPC
  118. Parking Control Solutions ltd also t/as Y P Enforcement Services,, BPA
  119. Parking Debt Collectors t/as Dara Debt Recovery Ltd,, BPA
  120. Parking Enforcement & Security Services,, BPA
  121. Parking Solutions 24,, BPA
  122. Parking Ticketing Ltd,, BPA
  123. ParkingEye Ltd,, BPA
  124. Parkshield Colection Ltd (Trading as PCP Enforcement Agency and P.C.P.E.A),, IPC
  125. PCN (NW) Ltd,, IPC
  126. Premier Park Ltd,, BPA
  127. Premier Parking Solutions Ltd,, BPA
  128. Prime Parking Limited,, BPA
  129. Private Parking Enforcement Services Ltd,, IPC
  130. Private Parking Solution (London) Limited,, BPA
  131. Q-Park Limited,, BPA
  132. Ranger Services Ltd,, BPA
  133. RCP Parking Ltd,, BPA
  134. S & K Car Park Management Limited t/as Secure Parking,, BPA
  135. Sagoss Limited t/as ParkFair,, BPA
  136. Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust,, BPA
  137. Searchlight Security & Parking Solutions,, BPA
  138. Secure Car Parks Limited, No, BPA
  139. Secure-a-Space,, BPA
  140. Securitas Security Services Limited,, BPA
  141. Select Engineering Projects Limited,, BPA
  142. Sheriff Enforcer Ltd, ., IPC
  143. Shield Security Services (Yorkshire) Ltd,, BPA
  144. “Sip Parking Ltd (Trading as: ANPReye, Morgan Knightley & Co, SIP Car Parks, Simple Intelligent Parking, Stops Illegal Parking)”,, IPC
  145. Smart Parking Limited,, BPA
  146. SolutionLabs Ltd,, IPC
  147. South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust,, BPA
  148. Southgate Car Park Management Ltd t/as Southgate Parking, No, BPA
  149. Spring Parking Limited,, BPA
  150. SR Security Services Limited,, BPA
  151. Sussex Security Solutions Ltd (Trading as Parking Enforcement),, IPC
  152. Swift Credit Services Ltd,, BPA
  153. T R Luckins Limited t/as UK Parking Solutions,, BPA
  154. TESGB Ltd, ., IPC
  155. Ticketing Service Solutions Limited,, BPA
  156. TNC Management Ltd t/a TNC Collections,, BPA
  157. Topher Ltd,, IPC
  158. Total Car Park Management Limited,, BPA
  159. Total Car Parks Limited,, BPA
  160. Total Parking Solutions Ltd,, BPA
  161. TSP Car Park Management Ltd,, IPC
  162. UCS Parking Limited,, BPA
  163. UK Car Park Management Limited,, BPA
  164. UK Parking Control Limited,, BPA
  165. UK Parking Limited, No, BPA
  166. UK Parking Management And Enforcement Ltd, ., IPC
  167. UK Parking Patrol Office,, BPA
  168. UKCPS Ltd,, IPC
  169. UKPS (North West) Ltd,, IPC
  170. University of Bradford,, BPA
  171. University of Dundee,, BPA
  172. University of Edinburgh,, BPA
  173. University of Kent,, BPA
  174. University of York,, BPA
  175. Vehicle Control Services Ltd,, IPC
  176. Vehicle Control Solutions Ltd t/as Flashpark Ltd,, BPA
  177. Vinci Park Services UK Ltd,, BPA
  178. VJC Parking Management,, BPA
  179. Westway Security Limited,, BPA
  180. Wing Parking Ltd,, BPA
  181. Workflow Dynamics Limited also t/as The Parking Shop,, BPA
  182. WY Parking Enforcement Limited,, BPA
  183. WYCS, ., IPC
  184. ZZPS Ltd,, BPA

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