A car park in Hardy’s rd near a busy Cleethorpes school is the centre of a dispute on how to regulate parking.  On school mornings, hundreds of parents the small car park to drop off and pick up their children.  And the parents have continued to do this even though signs have been put up warning of parking fines of £100.  Ms Westerman who owns a chip shop said it has become such a problem in the afternoons, that her business how doesn’t open till 4.30pm after the school run has finished.

The car park is managed by private car park company UKCPS patrol the car park regularly and put parking charge notices on windscreens. UKCPS has put signs in the car park stating that the land is only for the parking of vehicles for staff and customers of the adjacent shops and that vehicles must all times only ben parked in arked bays.  If these rules aren’t followed, UKCPS will issue the vehicle with a PCN of £100. UKCPS will accept £50 if the parking fine is paid within 14 days, otherwise it goes back up to £100.

Ms Westerman said there is no point in her business opening at 3.30pm as her customers can’t park their cars at that time.  Fears have been voiced that “parking chaos” near a busy Cleethorpes school is an accident waiting to happen.  Each morning and afternoon scores of parents use the small car park at the shops in Hardys Road, outside Signhills Academy, to drop off and pick up their children, business owners say.  This is despite signs being put up warning that people using the car park and not using the shops face being fined £100.
But Ms Westerman said the signs have made no difference, and the parking situation is as bad as ever. She said: “We used to open at 3.30pm and from this week we’ve started to open at 4.30pm because our customers just can’t get parked at that time.

She also said that the council placed double yellows lines were put down on the roads nearby and that make the parking sitution worse, as people could no longer park on the road. She has gone as far as saying the the school have split start and finish times to try to ease the parking congestion.

Steve Carr, Signhills Academy head teacher said: “As with most schools, parking at the start and end of the day is a big challenge. Last year, additional double-yellow lines on the road were added, further restricting parking options.Student safety is obviously of great importance and we ask have asked all parents to be courteous when on the school dropoff and pickup run. Mr Carr said his school has had very few complaints or concerns raised over the past year.

A UKPCS spokesman said the company carries out patrols in Grimsby and Cleethorpes, and had visited Hardy’s Road, but said they would look at
increasing the number the patrols around the problem times.




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