A S Parking Ltd – Appeal Guide

The owner of A S Parking Ltd is Kevin Andrew McManus.   He formed the company in 2007 as Athens Security Services.   A S Parking is the trading name.    The company only shows a PO Box on its website and on its communications, but its real address is Unit 1A, Newquay Road, St. Columb Road, St. Columb, Cornwall, TR9 6PZ.  Companies House numbers are:
- A S Parking Ltd – 06405500
- Athens Security Services – 06379383





AS Parking Ltd – my story

Peter Barr

Peter Barr was fined £100 by AS Parking Ltd for parking with car a tyre width over the parking line in Cornwall.

He had bought and displayed his three pound ticket, but said ‘When I returned to the car park I found a Parking Notice Charge which said I was not wholly within the parking bay. I agree I was about eight inches outside the bay on the passenger side – I hadn’t noticed.’.  He said the car park was empty so it was not as if he was preventing another car from parking there.

A S Parking Company manager Kevin McManus said: ‘I have now reviewed this (Peter Barr’s appeal) and can see that the notice was issued correctly as the vehicle was not parked within a single allocated bay’.  Mr McManus said that terms and conditions apply at all times and are not negotiable.  He said the company had to issue notices for all contraventions, even minor one, or order to be fair and consistent.  Mr McManus concluded by saying: ‘Having said the above, if a motorist appeals in cases such as this (i.e. minor contraventions) A S Parking Ltd always offer a reduced payment concession as a gesture of good will’




Simon Osborne

In a nearly identical scenario to Peter Barr, Simon Osborun also paid £3 for his parking ticket.  He was also angry when he got back to find a parking charge notice from AS Parking on his windscreen.

The ticket was issued during an evening when the £500,000 parish council-owned car park, was completely empty.  The charge was issued for having not parked within the marked bay area.

Mr Osburn’s car was the only car in the car park, so his parking was hardly inconveniencing anyone.  Mr Osburn said “the car park appears to be brand new, and bay lines have not yet been fully marked out, so I had failed to spot the small yellow temporary markers”.

He also noticed the time on the ticket by AS Parking showed it was issued less than 5 minutes after he left the car park.

“We think whoever it was must have seen us park, so rather than alerting us to our mistake’ and allowing us to move our vehicle, the person preferred to fine us.

The car park is owned by St Endellion parish council,  and managed by AS Parking Ltd.


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