Apcoa Parking Charge Notice Birmingham Airport

Have you received a Parking Charge Notice or Parking fine from Apcoa Parking (UK) Ltd at Birmingham Airport.  If so, please read this page.

You might have received your Parking Charge Notice dropping someone off at the  terminal, or even for parking outside one of the hotels, such as the IBIS hotel, which are located on the Birmingham Airport land.

APCOA Parking Services (UK) Ltd are contracted by Birmingham airport to manage the  parking.  They have several vans that they park around the airport.  These vans have  Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras on board which  take photos of your registration plates when they detect someone has parked in a no-parking area.   A few days later the companies back office will process the photos, and then send a request off the DVLA to find out the name and  address of the registered keeper.  APCOA Parking will then send a Parking Charge Notice demanding £40 to that keeper.

On receipt of an APCOA Parking Charge Notice, the keeper has the option of paying the £40 pounds or appealing the ticket.  People who  decide  to pay the fine usually write explaining that only parked for  a couple of minutes, or similar excuse.  Be warned that these types of appeals are always unsuccessful.  APCOA are a money making business and they make their money from each PCN that they issue.

The way to be successful in your appeal is to get them on a technicality.  The technicality that I am talking about is the Protection of Freedoms Act (2012).  The way to achieve a successful appeal is as follows:

1. When you appeal, appeal as the registered keeper, not as the driver.   In your appeal make any mention of the driver in the third person e.g.   “I am the registered keeper and am making this appeal in that capacity.  The photos you have provided show that the driver of my vehicle was parking on Birmingham Airport land.  This land is not …..“.

2. State that under POFA 2012, the  airport is not relevant land and therefore keeper liability does not apply.

3. State that you decline to state who the driver was.

4. If APCOA reject your appeal, then appeal to POPLA as POPLA will definitely uphold your appeal.

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