Parking Charge (PCN) Appeals

This website explains how to appeal a parking charge notice from car parks on private land.   It applied to private parking companies such as ParkingEye, Civil Enforcement Ltd, Met Parking and all companies that are part of the Independent Parking Committee or the Brittish Parking Association.   Private Parking Companies must be members of these two trade associations in order to get your details from the DVLA.  If they are a not a member of the BPA or IPC, then you can safely ignore the tickets as they have no way of obtaining our name and address, and hence no way of successfully perusing you.
Latest news.

The Cambridge “super case” has been decided with ParkingEye winning the case.  It was called a super case, because although it was held in the county court, it was heard by the circuit judge so hold more weight than a standard case.  It is not binding on other cases heard in the county court, however, it is more persuasive than other cases and might become a defacto standard that other judges in the county court will follow.

A woman in Scotland lost a case against Vehicle Control Services and recevied a court order to pay £24,500 in private parking charges.

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